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Chuckyis NO Good Guy! Chucky

Charles Lee Ray, the “Lakeshore Strangler.”

 Chucky – a “Good Guy” doll was the closest thing for killer Charles Lee Ray to transfer his evil soul into before he died in a police shoot-out. But Charles Lee Ray doesn’t want to be a lame doll forever.

Sweet 'Good Guy' ChuckyTherefore, his mission is to find the first human to reveal his true identity to, so he can get his soul the hell out of a doll's body and back into that of a human. Revealing himself to the first human he can find, six-year old Andy Barclay, Chucky relentlessly pursues Andy so he can inhabit his human body. Of course, Chucky still enjoys his other favorite pastime: murdering innocent people along the way.

Chucky is a cheeky, mean-spirited little doll-man. Like Freddy Krueger, Chucky is quick witted and has a sense of humor, though thoroughly evil. To put it this way, if Chucky was doing stand-up in a comedy club, you wouldn’t want to throw a tomato at him. Chucky also has quite the potty mouth – uses the f-word frequently and creatively. 

Chucky with one of his weapons - an axe

Whatever strikes Chucky’s sick and twisted imagination, he will use. Mainly knives, though an axe will do as well (right)Chucky's "seed", Glen/GlendaChucky’s other weapon is his “family.” His lady-love, Tiffany joins Chucky in murder sprees in Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky.

Chucky manages to trick his gender-confused, split-personality of a son, Glen (left) to commit murder. Glen is so traumatized, his murderous side, Glenda emerges and kills some more.

Chucky's unfortunate luck - his clothes!

Chucky has no choice but to wear what was manufactured for him by the Play Pals Toys Company: blue overalls over a multi-colored striped shirt and a pair of cool red sneakers. After so much carnage, his overalls are a bit tattered and torn. However, style-wise the outfit matches his wild flame-red hair and ice-blue marble eyes perfectly.

Alex Vincent as young Andy Barclay

Andy Barclay – Little 6-year old Andy, played by Alex Vincent (left)  was the first person Chucky revealed his true identity to. Justin Whalin as the older Andy BarclayChucky can thus transfer his soul into Andy’s body via a voodoo ritual chant. For ten years, Chucky has hunted poor Andy down, even all the way to military school in Child’s Play III (Justin Whalin as the older Andy, right).

Chucky with Andy Barclay

Chucky and Tiffany wreaking havocNext to Andy. Many fruitless attempts at transferring his soul into little Andy.

Runner up: Next to Tiffany,

his bride-to-be and his favorite cohort killer. See below.

Chucky and his Bride, Tiffany

Tiffany. Tiffany is yin to Chucky’s yang. But like most marriages, it’s a love/hate thing, however with Chucky and Tiffany it is literally a love/hate thing….to the death. A modern-day Bonnie and Clyde...if they were dolls.

Jennifer Tilly - in the flesh, not the plasticTiffany is voiced by Jennifer Tilly (left).  The lovely, yet baby-voiced Jennifer Tilly provides additional comic relief in Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky. Her "special" voice has earned her a lot of voice work.

You can hear Tilly in the following:

Monsters, Inc., Stuart Little, Family Guy, Hey Arnold!, Home on the Range and Lil' Pimp

Now where have we seen her?

Bound, The Haunted Mansion, Liar, Liar, Dancing at the Blue Iguana, and The Fabulous Baker Boys to name a few.

Brad Dourif

The great character actor, Brad Dourif. Remember One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest? He played the sad Billy Bibbit. It was Dourif's big break, earning him a Golden Globe Award for Best Acting Debut, a British Academy Film Award for Best Supporting Actor, and an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Brad Dourif trivia:

Was considered for the role of the Riddler in Batman Forever.

He played Grima Wormtongue in The Lord of the Rings.

Plays Sheriff Leigh Brackett in Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween.

The Heart of Damballa

In the earlier series, a nice adult human body would be at the top of Chucky’s Christmas list. A child’s body would do as well. It seems very likely that Santa would NOT be delivering that present. In Bride of Chucky, the coveted Heart of Damballa – a mystical voodoo necklace Chucky wore the night he became a doll, would help return Chucky and Tiffany back to human form. That would be the perfect present.

Unlike Barbie, Chucky is human-like – has mostly human characteristics, not to mention he is alive. Can’t say that about a Cabbage Patch doll or Barbie’s measurements. The longer Charles Lee Ray remains in the doll’s body, the more “human” he becomes. He can think, carry a conversation, walk, run, bleed, and even procreate. All for $5.  Anyhow, Chucky is so much more fun than Barbie or a Cabbage Kid!

Beach-loving BarbieAdorable Cabbage Patch Kid If Barbie was to turn into a real, living human, her measurements would make her: 5’9”, 36-18-33!

What does the color of the signature on the left butt cheek of each mass market Cabbage Patch Kid mean? The year they were manufactured.

Blue is the most common color, which means they were made in 1985.


Chucky has some great lines. Probably better than Freddy Krueger. The following is a sampling.

Memorable “clean”


“Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?”

"I'm your friend to the end."

"Hidey-ho, ha ha ha."

“Now it's time to play ‘Hide the soul.’”

“Chucky's gonna be a bro.”

“Nothin' like a good strangulation to get the circulation goin'.”

“I am Chucky, the killer doll! And I dig it!"

Memorable “dirty”


“Just shut up and drive before I kick your fucking teeth in!”

“Fine! Kill me! I'll be back! I always come back! But dying is such a bitch!”

“Who the fuck is Martha Stewart?”

“Don't fuck with the Chuck.” All-time favorite.

Bride of Chucky's catchy tagline: Chucky Gets Lucky

It has the best taglines of any horror movie. Here is the rundown:

Andy Barclay has a new playmate who's in no mood to play

Look out Jack! Chucky's back!

Chucky is One Mean S.O.B.

Look Who's Stalking!

Chucky Gets Lucky

Seed of Chucky's clever poster and tagline This Doll is Killer

Fear the Second Coming

Deliver us some evil



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