Egyptian Mummies

King Tut 


King Tut's maskThere are some well-known mummies from Egypt. The most likely suspect, King Tutankhamen, or better known as King Tut.  He graces all the  natural history magazines, can be seen during Halloween as a costume, played with as a toy and even on cartoons.




The Mass-Marketing of King Tut:

Tutenstein King Tut plush
King Tut Plush

Bobblehead Tut
Bobblehead Tut!

King Tut puzzle
King Tut Puzzle
Tut headwear for Halloween
Halloween Tut
King Tut magnet
A magnet for the frig!


What about the other Egyptian mummies?


Ramses IRamses I
King of Ancient Egypt (1295- 1294 BCE), Ramses I was the founder and 1st ruler of the 19th Dynasty.However, after ruling for only 16 months, Ramses was buried in a small and poorly decorated tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

Father of Seti I
Seti ISeti I
King of Ancient Egypt (1294- 1279 BCE), Seti I was the 2nd ruler of the 19th Dynasty. Considered to be the real founder of the dynasty, as his father, Ramses I only reined for two years.The mummy of Seti I was found at Dayru l-Bahri in 1881. 

Father of Ramses II
Ramses IIRamses II
King of Ancient Egypt (1279- 1213 BCE), Ramses II was the 3rd ruler of the 19th Dynasty.Ramses II is remembered through some of the most beautiful monuments in Egypt. At death, succeeded by his 13th oldest son, Merneptah.
King of Ancient Egypt (1213- 1203 BCE), being the 4th ruler of the 19th Dynasty.
was the 13th son of Ramses II, and came to power first after all his older brothers had died. He was almost 60 years old at the time.His reign was one of many wars.He died a natural death at an old age.




Where did all the mummies go???


Over time most Egyptians, that is the wealthy Egyptians, were mummified when they died. That is almost 70 million mummies in 3,000 years. However, by the 4th century AD, many Egyptians had become Christians and felt mummification was not needed in order to have an afterlife. Eventually, the Egyptians gave up mummy-making.


So where did almost 70 million mummies go? Unfortunately, most were plundered by grave robbers looking for treasures wrapped up in their bandages. During the Middle Ages, mummies were destroyed when they were ground into powders to make "magical potions." Even modern treasure hunters entered their tombs looking for artifacts and souvenirs.


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