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Creepy Toys and Scary CollectiblesIf you like happy-go-lucky Barbies or cuddly teddy bears, the following horror-inspired and goth toys are NOT for you!  But we think they are just peachy!  Yes, these toys are a bit creepy - but very cool! 

If you are interested in collecting scary toys or creepy dolls, UglyDolls, Skelanimals or the Teddy Scares and the rest of our featured finds would be the perfect start for your collection of scary toys and collectibles.

Teddy Scares

The Living Dead Dolls

Ellowyne Wilde & Evangeline Ghastly



Department 56 Halloween Village

Wacky Packages

Hollywood Zombies

Teddy Bear Nightmares

Terror Teds

The Teddy Scares - scary stuffed bears!

soft and cuddly...just don't mess with them!


If you have a hankering for horror toys, don't look further. We have fallen in love with Teddy Scares stuffed bears. They're cute, they're cuddly - but a little bent!  Teddy Scares are "evil zombie bears." So be sure to keep one eye open when cuddling up to one of these guys!


Each Teddy Scare is decked out in creepy, homicidal-esque fashion and comes with a dangerously wicked biography that is hysterical! Teddy Scares come in 12" and 6" sizes. We have some of our favorites below:


Teddy Scares Redmond Gore                                                         


Redmond Gore

Last Words: "Trust me, it won't hurt."

Favorite Place: In the shadows

Favorite Color: Blood red

Past Occupation: School bus driver

Hobbies: Sharpening his axe and splicing wires



  Rita Mortis Teddy Scares Granger Evermore    Edwin Morose


Penitent.Rita Mortis    Granger Evermore      Edwin Morose


For more information or to purchase these soft and cuddly Teddy Scares Bears, please use the following link:


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Living Dead Doll LottieThe Living Dead Dolls

....not for your average girl


To start with, what's creepier than a doll? This popular opinion is what inspired the creators of The Living Dead Dolls, Living Dead Doll LuluEd Long and Damien Glonek. Long and Glonek are (and we quote), "horror-fiends" so their dolls truly come from their heart and a passion for horror. They have created an evil empire of devilishly creepy dolls. Lottie (left) is a personal favorite as well as the lovely Lulu (right) Each doll comes with a death certificate and a handsome coffin!


These popular dolls have a fan base of middle-aged housewives as well as the obvious goth-loving kid.  Please check out their website for more information or to purchase these wonderfully, scare-the-bejesus-out-of-you Living Dead Dolls: 


These dolls make us want to watch that "scary doll movie" with Karen Black, 1975's, Trilogy of Terror. In the last third of the trilogy called Amelia, Black has a bloody tete-a-tete with a Zuni fetish doll. Once it's protective chain slips off, it comes to life with a fetish for murder. Very creepy - see The Voodooz below!

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Ellowyne Wilde and Evangeline Ghastly Dolls



sadly beautiful.....


Interested in more goth dolls?  By chance we came across these gorgeously melancholy and sadly beautiful dolls and had to showcase them on Boo.  Their names are Ellowyne Wilde and Evangeline Ghastly.  I want my name to be Ellowyne in my next life.


Ellowyne WildeEllowyne Wilde was lovingly created and sculpted by the talented Robert Tonner. He not only created the dolls themselves but their costumes as well. We can identify with Miss Ellowyne sometimes, she's bored quite a bit and suffers from a touch of melancholy. This little depressed girl needs to cheer up, but she is after all a girl after my own heart. Oh did I forget to mention that she loves herself a cup of coffee! 


Evangeline Ghastly Then there's Evangeline Ghastly. She was inspired by Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride, The Addams Family, and even Barbra Streisand. She was created by designer Joe Petrollese and sculpted by Robert Tonner. She was born in the attic of Barkely Manor, loves to dress herself in gorgeous goth, Victorian clothing and owns a pet skunk named Mouette. Not too sure if she's a ghost or living, but whatever form she takes, she is a work of art.


For more information or where to purchase Ellowyne Wilde or Evangeline Ghastly, please use the following link:


animals do make better companions -  dead or alive!


We just discovered the coolest scary toy - though "dark" in concept, they are actually very adorable, funny and cuter than any stuffed bunny we've ever hugged! So who or what are these hip little darlings?  They are the fashionably bony Skelanimals.


Skelanimals feature a variety of "dead animals" to collect and love... and they glow in the dark!  They come in 8″ plush toys, beanies, vinyl figures, keychains, back packs, breath mints and more. They've even invaded fashion: apparel, underwear, handbags, shoes and jewelry. Skelanimals are soon to be the next Hello Kitty -  just a bit on the goth side - but still oh so cute.


Skelanimal Pen the PenguinLike Teddy Scares and Living Dead Dolls, each Skelanimal has its own distinct "personality". Each Skelanimal even has its own favorite scary movie!  Pen the Penguin's (left)  favorite scary movie is "Orca, Orca"


Skelanimal Elle's favorite horror flick: "Village of the Spears"The first series of plush toys includes Thomas the Hippo, Quackee the Duck, Pen the Penguin and Elle the Elephant (right). Others include: Jack the Rabbit, ChungKee the Panda, Dax the Dog, Marcy the Monkey and Kit the Cat.


We also just love the tag lines of  the Skelanimals: Dead pets are so easy to keep!   Dead animals need love too! 


Manufactured by Toynami (big with the anime action figure market), Skelanimals was created by artist and designer Mitchell Bernal, so they must have an edge. The toy market has seen creepy dolls, deadly teddy bears and now the skeleton of animals. We like this trend!


For more information or where to purchase Skelanimals, please use the following link:

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Uglydolls beauty is in the eye of the beholder...


It's really hard to consider these adorably cute plush toys ugly, horrific or scary. We actually think they are rather cute - guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, they are a wee bit different than your average toy.

Uglydolls were created by independent toy designers David Horvath and Kim Sun-min and first released in 2002. They have already been recognized when in 2006, they were awarded the Specialty Toy of the Year award by the Toy Industry of America.


The Uglydoll collection were first made in 12" plush and were handmade by Kin Sun-min. They now are available as 7" Little Uglys, 24" Giant Uglys, 4" plush key chains, and 7" vinyl Uglys Each doll includes a small tag describing the character's distinctive persona.


Some resident Uglys include:


Uglydolls Ice Bat


Ice Bat (in plush) who lives in an ice cave Uglydolls Target

or inside an ice box. He is usually blue,

but is known to come in specialty

colors from time to time. Ice-Bat even

appears briefly in the 2005 film Zathura!



Uglydolls Tray


  Target is the grandfather of the UglyDolls,

which is why he has hair and

a few extra limbs.

Tray is the brains of the Uglydolls.

She has three brains, one for each

blue eye. The reason her eyes are

so blue is because she eats so many blueberries.


For more information or to purchase these odd little Uglydolls, please use the following link:

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Department 56 Halloween Village   the ideal place to live...


If we were to live anywhere, it would be in a Department 56 Halloween Village. Ok, maybe you can't really live in one, but you can decorate the heck out of home or apartment with them. What are they? They are intricately detailed porcelain pieces done up with Halloween in mind. Some come equipped with colorful, blinking lights, some with eerie sounds and others with moving pieces. Halloween would not be the same without setting up my collection of Department 56 Halloween Village. Perfect as a Halloween collectible.


Department 56 comes out with new pieces every year while retiring older pieces. And these retired items can really become valuable on ebay.  Some villages, including some retired villages include: Shipwreck Lighthouse, Be Witching Costume Shop, Grimsly Manor and Helga's House of Fortunes.


      Dept 56 Shipwreck Lighthouse                     Dept 56 Be Witching Costume Shop

              Shipwreck Lighthouse                                   Be Witching Costume Shop


     Dept 56 Grimsly Manor                      Dept 56 Helga's House of Fortunes

                 Grimsly Manor                                             Helga's House of Fortunes


For more information about Department 56 Halloween Villages, please use the following link:


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Wacky Packages ...we all have a little wacky in each of us


These horrorific collectible cards, popular in the 70's, have a ghoulish, twisted quality and sometimes downright creepy images. Wacky Packages were first made by Topps bubble gum in 1967 and were basically parodies or spoofs of everyday consumer products - from Kentucky Fried Chicken to Listerine. They were the size of baseball cards and contained a piece of bubble gum and some Wacky Packages. The good news is they are still being made today - as well, they are very popular on ebay where you can still locate all of our old favorites.


Wacky Packages Scotch Screech Tape  Wacky Packages Kentucky Fried Fingers    Wacky Packages Blisterine


The following site has a good history of Wacky Packages as well as a gallery of all series. Excellent site:


              Official Wacky Packages site:


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Hollywood Zombies that's our kind of celebrity!


Hollywood ZombiesHollywood Zombies are new scary collectible trading cards introduced by the Topps Company. Just like Wacky Packages, they are creepy and hilarious. Instead of spoofing well-known consumer products as Wacky Packages have done, Hollywood Zombies spoof “celebrities” and their lifestyle. Poking fun at the lame celebrities of today, these cards show them in their true light!


The series has 72 parody cards including such notable celebrities as Martha Skewered, Nicole Retchie, Wacko Jacko, Britney Speared, Paris Hellton and Lindsay Loco.



Hollywood Zombies' Wacko Jacko

Some extra surprises! One in every four packs contains a glow-in-the-dark “Morbid Mug Shot." Hollywood Zombies have already caught some media attention of their own. They’ve been featured in Spin, Entertainment Weekly and Wired magazine. They’ve also been seen in USA Today.


The only drawback….no gum!


For more information or where to purchase Hollywood Zombies, please use the following link:





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Teddy Bear Nightmares
                        ...HAZARD: may not promote good dreams

Teddy Bear Nightmares are adorably grotesque, handmade teddy bears found on Like The Teddy Scares, these "cuddly" teddy bears are not really the kind of cuddly and comforting teddy bears you remember from childhood....more like from your nightmares (hence their name).

The creator of these teddy bears reincarnate these once sweet teddy bears from Goodwill and garage sales and turn them into something devilish! We really appreciate the creepy artisan quality of these teddy bears.

Below is one of our of our favorite Teddy Bear Nightmare:

Mouthy Marvin

Mouthy Marvin
Mouthy Marvin was always a hungry fellow, and through
some time scratching his head he finally figured out what he was hungry for...bears!

For more information or to purchase these nightmarish Teddy Bears, please click on the following link:




terror teds
                        ...unspeakable terror in a soft, adorable package!

Terror Teds are going to make any horror-lover's heart burst with joy. These horrific cuties are all hand crafted using professional grade materials and hand painted. Every single tooth and bone on theses creations are hand made and painted with high quality FX materials. They use lots of liquid latex to create bloody wounds and drooling mouths! VERY realistic!

At Terror Teds, not only will they mutilate poor 'ole teddy bears, they will even ravage the sweetest of bunnies and kitties! Those bastards!  They also offer Tiny Terrors, smaller terrors that would look awesome sitting on your desk at the office.  They have even introduced an animatronic teddy bear that talks and moves!  My heart swoons!

You can also have them custom make your own teddy!

Below is one of our of our favorite Terror Ted:

terror teds tiny terror frog 

Tiny Terror Frog
He is just dying to take a bite out of you! 

For more information or to purchase these truly awesome Terror Teds, please click on the following link:





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