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Haunted Hotels

in Connecticut


The Lighthouse Inn

Homespun Farm B & B





If you are a visitor to the vast state of Connecticut, plan a unique ghost-hunting adventure

and stay at one of Connecticut's haunted hotels. And if you are a resident of Connecticut,

get to know your state's spookier side and embark on an exploration of the unexplainable

and visit one of Connecticut's very own haunted hotels. One of its most haunted bed &

breakfasts is the Homespun Farm B & B that is home to a very friendly ghost by the

name of Simon.


The Lighthouse Inn

Six Guthrie Place, New London, Connecticut (860) 443-8411



The Lighthouse InnThe Lighthouse Inn Resort captures that East coast feeling of summering at one of those upscale, posh estates. If that's what you want, you've got it here. With a twist....


The Lighthouse Inn is also known for several haunted rooms and for two Victorian women whose ghosts roam the property.


There is an unfortunate story in the hotel's history that a young bride was walking down the stairs in her wedding dress when she slipped and fell, breaking her neck.


The Lighthouse Inn diningTo this day, the bride is still is spotted reading quietly, walking down the halls or roaming through the guest rooms still in her wedding gown.


Please use the following link for the Lighthouse Inn to learn more about this lovely seaside, yet haunted hotel:



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Homespun Farm B & B

306 Preston Road, Griswold, Connecticut (860) 376-5178


Homespun Farm

Nestled in Griswold, is the tiny and charming bed & breakfast, Homespun Farm. It boasts a well-tended garden, fruit orchards, and a koi pond (below). And if that’s not enough to draw you to Homespun Farm, how about a couple of ghosts?


There is a friendly ghost by the name of Old Man Simon, originally Simon Brewster, one of the original owners of the 260-year old property. Old Man Simon apparently likes to hover around the garden area, watching the current owners tending the gardens and orchards. Current owners, Ron and Kate Bauer purchased the property in 1996 and said they first came in contact with Brewster's ghost when they began working in the fields.


Homespun Farm's Koi Pond Both Kate and Ron had similar experiences with Old Man Simon “watching” them from the side of their eye. Kate first experienced the ghost, but didn’t reveal it until her husband revealed his ghostly experience. They both “saw” the same figure of a man as well as they both had this “feeling” he was guiding them how to prune properly.


They later found out it was Old Man Simon after they described him to a guest, who happened to be a relative of the Brewster’s. The relative then showed them a picture of Simon Brewster and they realized it was him!


Now will you see Old Man Simon during a stay at Homespun Farm? Well, if you see a ghostly figure hovering over the orchards, it’s a good bet you spotted him.

Homespun Farm's Cherry Room

Also, Mrs. Brewster, Old Man Simon’s wife, has also been felt. A watchful spirit in the house can be heard walking up the stairs at night.


The innkeepers want guests to know that these ghosts are more the friendly type, not scary.


Please use the following link for Homespun Farm to learn more about this cozy and ghostly inn:


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