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Hellraiser's Pinhead Pinhead


In the first Hellraiser, he is only known as the Lead Cenobite. In the sequels, besides Pinhead, he is also known as: The Angel of Suffering, The Dark Prince of Pain, and Elliott Spenser – his human name.


Originally, Pinhead does not purposely seek out to kill or hurt people. He has to be summoned by someone who solves the puzzle box, or Lament Configuration. Once the foolish puzzle solver/hedonist summons Pinhead and the rest of the Cenobites – the sadomasochist that he is – Pinhead enjoys the slow torture of his victims. He tortures with the intention to inflict both pain and pleasure because as any good sadomasochist will tell you, pain is the source of pleasure.


Pinhead is kind of a cocky, confident, arrogant, holier-than-thou killer. He thinks quickly on his feet, and can return a witty or eloquent remark with ease. Sometimes fair and reasonable – he will let someone off the hook (no pun intended) if deemed appropriate. Pinhead has an obvious obsession with pain.


Pinhead's leather All sorts of fun torture devices like hooks and chains to rip flesh apart. He will sometimes enlist other Cenobites to do the kill for him.


Long, black leather “gown.” (right) He accessorizes it with several hooks. And lest we forget, needles masochistically inserted into his bald, grid-patterned head. What else would a law-abiding sadomasochist wear?




  Other Cenobites like Chatterer, Female Cenobite (or Sister Nikoletta), Butterball, Angelique…to name a few. (below)


Chatterer  Female Cenobite  Butterball  Angelique

     Chatterer                Female Cenobite             Butterball                   Angelique



Ashley Laurence as Kirsty Cotton Kirsty Cotton, played by Ashley Laurence (left) and Tiffany (from Hellraiser II) are innocents brought into this by other’s malicious intents. They manage to survive.


Frank and JuliaMore EVIL adversaries include Frank Cotton (right, skinned with evil sister-in-law, Julia Cotton) and Dr. Channard (Hellraiser II)). Both puzzle junkies who get too curious for their own good. Frank eventually gets what’s coming to him.


Channard Cenobite


Dr. Channard transforms into a Cenobite via the new and improved Lament Configuration – a diamond-shaped Leviathan Configuration. He is now, Channard Cenobite (left) and, gasp – kills all the Cenobites, including Pinhead! No worries, Pinhead is brought back for later sequels. However, Cenobite Channard isn’t so lucky. He is destroyed when Tiffany reconfigures the puzzle box.


Hedonists or good puzzle solvers, such as Frank Cotton. Sorry, a Rubik’s cube doesn’t count, has to be the Lament Configuration puzzle box!



  Well, it isn't exactly on earth. He just loves Hell, also known as The Labyrinth.


Doug Bradley 


Doug Bradley. He has continuously portrayed Pinhead in all eight films. Doug Bradley once made a cameo appearance, in full Pinhead makeup, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where Pinhead expressed an interest in Leno's hangnail.


Some interesting Doug Bradley trivia:

Doug Bradley is from London.

He is an old school chum of Clive Barker.

Believes The Bride of Frankenstein is the best horror movie ever made.

Was a fan of Freddy Krueger before becoming Pinhead




The Cenobite gang





*What the hell is a Cenobite anyway?

A Cenobite is basically a demon, an enforcer for the Lord of Hell. Their job is to retrieve any person who solves the Lament Configuration, or puzzle box – which once opened, allows a portal from our world to Hell. The Cenobites then unleash their torture, consisting of both pleasure and pain on the person.


What Color Are Pinhead’s Eyes?

All black – no white at all.


Lament ConfigurationWho would want to solve the Lament Configuration anyway?  For hardcore sadomasochists or thrill-seekers that just don’t give a damn about selling their soul and spending an eternity in Hell for the ultimate experience of pain and pleasure. Sometimes even the “curiosity-kills-the-cat” people give the Lament Configuration a go at.



Pinhead quotes

"We'll tear your soul apart."


"Ah, the suffering. The sweet suffering."


"Your soul belongs to me now"


"Do I look like someone who cares what God thinks?"


"We have eternity to know your flesh."


"The opened it, we came."




Pinheadism submitted by Donald Conolly:


"Pain?!? dare you use that word!"

- from the fourth movie, Hellraiser: Bloodline, when Pinhead is confronted by two   security guards.



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