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What is a Mummy?







A mummy was once a living human being, but has died and now become a corpse. However, in order for this once-living human to enter the afterlife, or become immortal,  it needs to be ritualistically preserved or mummified.


Ancient Egyptians strongly believed in an afterlife. They also believed that a way to achieve immortality was to preserve the body of a person once they had died, and wrap them up in linen bandages, what we know as mummification. In Egypt, if you were of royal blood or very wealthy, you could "buy" your way into the afterlife. Not too fair for the poor folk, huh?


Sometimes bodies become mummified by natural events, such as the volcanic eruption of Vesuvius in Pompeii.


Why is a mummy called a mummy?

The word mummy comes from the word mumiyah, which is the Arabic word for bitumen, a kind of tar used on modern roads. When archeologists first discovered the mummies, they thought they had been dipped in tar because they were so dark.




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