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Dracula Fears the Crucifix


How to destroy a vampire



First, a stake of wood or metal has to be driven through a vampire's heart, as well as as pinning it to the ground. Then a ritual, or exorcism, is performed to render the vampire helpless. Finally the head must be severed and either buried separately from the body or both parts can be burned to ash.



Exposure to direct sunlight will destroy a vampire, but it is a very painful death.



It's important to note that you must use a crucifix, and not a cross! Why? Because a crucifix has the image of Jesus Christ on it while the cross is just a cross. The power of the crucifix comes from the Christian religion and Jesus Christ's power over evil. Also very importantly, the crucifix will only have power over evil if you believe in its power. If you don't believe in the power of Jesus, then the crucifix will be of no use.


Holy Water

Like the crucifix, holy water is powerful because of the user's faith and belief in Jesus Christ. Holy water is just plain water that has been blessed by a religious holy man. When holy water is cast onto the vampires skin it burns like acid leaving burns and causing extreme pain.



This will also kill a vampire, but tit must be burned down to absolute dust. If not, then the creature can replenish itself with the right amount of blood. It is a slow and agonizing process.


No "food"

If a vampire is unable to obtain a supply of blood for a long enough period of time, the creature will age and lose its vigor and vitality and ultimately crumble into dust, thus it is soon destroyed.


Good 'Ole Garlic

Garlic is another ancient method of fending off evil spirits. Garlic has been used in cultures throughout the world as a healing medicine and for its purification properties. The odor of garlic has strong repellant properties. Even for us regular folk, after a meal with strong garlic, we can repel just about ghastly_tales_for_adults.htm/thing!


In ancient times, people would hang some garlic cloves outside their doorways to keep evil spirits away. Garlic was popularized in the West by Bram Stoker in the classic gothic novel Dracula.



* does not condone or encourage the above violence, even against the undead!

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