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Mummies in pop culture



The mummy is a multi-decorated pop icon which continues to grace our culture with its weathered bandages. The mummy image is seen in many things. Mummies can be seen on cereal boxes, in cartoons, the inspiration for movies, books and comic books.



Pop icon #1 - King Tut's Mask (the real King of Pop)  King Tut's mask


The Mask of King Tutankhamun's mummy is THE popular icon of Ancient Egypt. You would have to have been born and raised in a dark and deep cave not to recognize the mask of King Tut. 


King Tut has become a pop and cultural icon worldwide and continues to mystify and enchant an eager public at sold out museum exhibits.  And at these museums and other retailers, you will find a massive-marketing of King Tut to the point of selling the boy king out.


Besides his hit exhibits, he is everywhere. Remember Steve Martin's hit single King Tut? King Tut is so popular that his image is found all over gift items, toys, cartoons, movies, books, even snowglobes! 


Steve Martin's King Tut's Lyrics


The mass "selling" of of King Tut


Pop icon #2 - Yummy Mummy cereal


Yummy Mummy was introduced in 1988, but sadly, no longer in production. From 1988 to 1993, it was sold as Fruity Yummy Mummy. Produced by General Mills, the fruit-flavored cereal contained vanilla-flavored marshmallows that was delish! Yummy Mummy is also the name of the cereal's mascot, a cute little cartoon mummy.


It was preceded by Fruit Brute, another fruit-flavored cereal containing lime-flavored marshmallows. Fruit Brute was introduced in 1974, but discontinued in 1983.


Tagline for Yummy Mummy:

"Fruity Yummy Mummy makes your tummy feel yummy! Heh, heh, heh! "



Pop icon #3 -   Bubba Ho-tep


If you haven't heard of Bubba Ho-tep, then we insist, no - beg you to rent it ASAP!  A cult hit, it is a seriously crazy black-comedy about Elvis Presley and JFK both alive, living in a retirement home in Texas. If that's not absurd enough, they are both being terrorized by an Ancient Egyptian mummy, Bubba Ho-tep. Oh Bubba baby.


The mysterious Bubba Ho-tepIt may sound over the top, but some believe it's really a social commentary. Some claim Bubba Ho-tep is actually about aging and growing old in a culture that values only the young.




                 Bubba Ho-tep figurine to cuddle!



Bubba Ho-tep is both a cool (check out his hat) and hip modern mummy, yet creepier than many movie monsters out there.  He is now sold as a cute and cuddly action figure.











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