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Scary Poems

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I’m the cat that follows you down the street.
I’m a black bird watching you from a tree.
I’m the bug that crawls beneath your sheets.
You’ve looked many times, but you don’t see me.
I slither through your door like a liquid key
And climb up the walls on geckos’ feet,
But I won’t be so small when we finally meet,
Cause The Shifter is coming and you’re dead meat.

Richard Leavesley ©2014

submitted 11/16/14


Nux Vomica Trees!


I crouch in the shadow
Of the nux vomica trees
I did try to run off,
But they just chased after me!
For no man has lived
Who’s seen trees like these.
I’m solid with fear,
From my nose to my knees,
As their branches reach down
And they eat me like cheese…!

Richard Leavesley ©2014

submitted 11/16/14


A Night for the Strangest things to happen...


It was that special night…
Of fright and delight….
The kind that most children enjoy…
Where monsters and clowns sleep under the bed...
and children with their favorite toy…
pull the covers over their head..
But this night was different …
Some still can’t believe it…
But it’s up to you to decide…
Four children set off for a night of screams..but that's nothing compared to their future of dreams..
The costumes were chosen, and the children quite proud….
knew they were going to be the scariest and creepiest ones in the crowd..

The night was windy and a little bit cool….
Four friends met , down by the school...
There was a Werewolf , a Gothic Fairy, Vampire and a Clown..
The Clown had a smile which was turned upside down.
No one spoke, as they were all in disguise…
because that would have ruined the big surprise…
They went up to the houses yelling “ trick or treat “..
And each got something good to eat…
Oh, what a blast they had that night..
Running up and down the streets..
Filling their tummies with lots of sweets..
It was getting late and they were tired. .we should be in bed, they said..
But before we go, we need to know, which one of us is “Fred ?”
So they took off their masks…and to their surprise..
The Werewolf was Mason, the Gothic Fairy was Gabby…
And the Vampire was their best friend the little blonde Abby….
Oh !!! then you must be our friend Fred.. ..they said to the clown..
But ...when the clown started to remove his mask…
They discovered the truth…he wasn’t wearing one….
So where's Fred ?????


kjforce ©2014

submitted 10/23/14 


The Pumpkin Knows


The pumpkin knows
What's beyond the shade,
The delicious secrets
Alluringly made.

He doesn't tell,
Don't ask;
He just laughs
Behind his mask.

The fire burns,
Don't delay;
If you meet a demon,
Step out of the way.

The pumpkin is your friend,
You are welcome here,
Sit by the fire,
Have no fear.


Joel Bjorling ©2014

submitted 9/16/14


Halloween Eve


Do you wonder what happens
On Halloween Eve?
Don't ask--it's wicked, fiendish,
Too frightful to believe.

Halloween Eve is when
The ghosts and monsters awaken
From their evil slumber
In the realms of the forsaken.

From their loathsome sleep they rise
And greet the dread of night;
The torrents rage, the gargoyles cry
As the lost souls take their flight.

These iniquitous creatures walk,
Leaving not a clue;
Beware that lurking shadow
May be stalking you!

Take care on Halloween
For what may be in store;
As you go from house to house,
You never know who will open the door.

If you meet a witch or goblin,
Remember this poem,
Or else the realm of the forsaken
Might become your new home.

Speak softly, keep your head down,
Don't look back;
Sure, Halloween is another day
(But don't tell the black cat!)


Joel Bjorling ©2014

submitted 9/16/14


Shifting into a Werewolf

In the midst of a full moon night,
When the princess moon was shading her light,
Between the haunted woods and falling snow,
Something strange I felt though.

The owl was crying, I wonder,
And my heart was only singing a prayer,
I could'nt feel my heart and soul free,
And there was only fear that I could see.

Underneath an old banyan tree I sat,
When I heard something strange and said,"Oh, what was that?"
Appeared a werewolf showing his bloody teeth,
And I shouted and faster did go my heartbeat.

His sharp teeth bit me, I cried,
With his furious mind away he flied
I could have shoot him with my holster,
But now it's too late, as I've already become a monster.

Now I feed on the living,like my heart is made of stone,
Trapped in a vicious world,all alone.
But there is still hope, maybe it will come to an end,
When I can be free, not to face this again.


Nilim Gayan©2008

submitted 7/25/12


Halloween Morning


Woke up in a fright

realizing it was Halloween night.

Racing to my closet looking to find

nothing, NOTHING - no costume came to mind.


Walking to school in utter anger

kicked a rock, putting my toes in danger.

Oh what, what could I be tonight for Halloween night?

a witch? a bat? Too simple, too boring, must make it right.


At school kids were dressed in their scariest best

saw a zombie, a mummy and a vampire in a red velvet vest.

Noooo, these costumes will not do!

too ordinary, too usual, I need a costume out of the blue.


What will be the very costume that will make everyone stare?

so grand and scary - it will be talked about for years - if you dare.

School is almost out, I'm running out of daylight

Come on brain - think, think THINK, I thought with all my might.


Finally home, I put a candle in the jack-o-lantern

put some candy in a bowl, took a few - hey it's only my turn!

My eyes were growing so heavy from a day full of thinking

did I hear laughing and see orange lights a-blinking?


Woke up in a fright

realizing it was the next day,

Missing Halloween night.


Marin Graham ©2008

submitted 5/7/08





my body shivering
my teeth grinding
the floors creaking
while i am seeking
to find what's keeping me up
through this dark night
here it comes i hope i don't fright
its face is bloody
its hands are muddy
it looks likes my friend kelp
and what he is saying "help"


Briana Fields ©2008

submitted 4/28/08



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